I Hope You Take Up So Much Space.

Maybe I’m in my mama feels, you guys, but this boy, sleeping like this… my heart is overflowing. 😭💕

When I saw him – taking up his entire half of my bed straight out of the middle – my first thought was “He is so big, he takes up so much space.” But immediately after, I thought, “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

In five years, this babe of mine will be an adorable, messy boy starting his first day of school. He will venture out into the world alone for the first time and begin sharing and growing his personality. When he does, I hope he is a big boy and his personality takes up so much space!

(To all you mamas who are doing this for the first, second, twelfth time, I feel you for the first time and I’m praying for your babies as if they were my own).

In ten years, he will be a silly, stinky, wild child who will likely be just like his father. He will spend all his time fishing, and hunting, and being outdoors where God speaks to his soul. When he does, I hope he is a brave boy, and I hope his love of life takes up so much space.

In fifteen years, he will be a goofy, awkward, mess of hormones. He will probably want to get his first job, drive a truck, slay every buck he sees, and be on a football team. When he does, I hope he’s becoming a good man, and I hope his drive to succeed takes up so much space.

And in twenty five years, he will be a tall, strong, hairy, deep voiced man who only sometimes reminds me of the baby I took home. When he is, I pray that he is a good man; a strong man; a man who is not afraid to have a faith in God that takes up so much space.

The thought of my little baby turning into a tumbling toddler, into a determined teenager, and into a strong, self sufficient man simultaneously breaks my heart and fills it.

I thank God for these precious moments, when he reminds me to slow down and soak it all in. I’m so blessed to be his mama.