I Made a Mistake…

This photo was taken in a tiny spare room, with a bedsheet hung over a curtain rod.

I made a mistake, truly.

I waited for almost ten years from the first time I bought my own camera to start pursuing my passion without abandon.
Don’t get me wrong, I pursued it at first – a bit naively – but when I hit my first few obstacles I gave up.

I let people tell me that I wasn’t talented enough, didn’t do it correctly, didn’t have the right equipment.
But everyone who told me that left off the most important word.


I didn’t have all of the skills, talent, and equipment YET.
And foolishly I let the idea that a someday studio, a someday fancy camera – a someday everything – stop me from continuing.

I let what I had, or rather what I thought I lacked, stop me from chasing my dream.

This new headshot for my website was taken in a small spare room, with the equipment I have, and a bedsheet hung on a curtain rod, ya’ll! (pictured below). It was edited on an Acer laptop that is slooooow some days. I didn’t go to photography school, I don’t have a studio, and I’m learning new things on the DAILY. I’m nowhere near where I want to be, but I’ll never get there if I’m too embarrassed or scared to start with what I have.

You cannot wait until you have everything you want to start chasing everything you want!

When I picked up my camera again 6 months ago, I determined to change that way of thinking.

I have learned more in the last six months, and gone further towards my dream because I stopped letting my circumstances dictate my ability.

What is your dream?

Do you want to be a marathon runner? Stop waiting for the expensive Nikes and the lululemon leggings, and start with what you have. A strong, capable body.

Do you want to be a YouTube Makeup Artist? Stop waiting for the fancy ring light and buckets of Sephora and start with what you have, even if that’s just an Ipsy bag and an iPhone.

Do you want to own a bakery? Stop waiting for an upgraded kitchen and that $600 standing mixer and start with what you have. If you have an oven and some mixing bowls, you’ve got this!

Do you want to be a photographer? Stop waiting on the perfect studio and the Mac book Pro. Use the equipment you have, be creative and make it happen.

One of the most important things you could ever know about chasing your dreams is this:

It’s not about what you have.

It’s about what you do with what you have.

So stop waiting, use whatever you have, and get out there and do it.



The fancy studio that made this image possible.
Straight out of camera
Final Image